STOP learning photography the hard way Ö There is an easier way
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Discover your hidden creativity and learn how to shoot perfect photos like
the pros. You will not only
AMAZE your family and friends, take photos good
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Turn those SNAPSHOTS INTO MASTERPIECES in 21 easy steps

Follow these simple steps to fantastic photographs and
you will dramatically improve your photography.

21 Steps to Perfect Digital Photos

21 Steps to Perfect Digital Photos
by Wayne Turner

Learning creative photography in a
Digital world

This is a breakthrough method of learner-based training using outcomes based education. You will immediately start taking photos and then evaluate your own progress using the principles that you learn as I coach you through the photography process.

130 pages packed with over 120 full colour images, tips
and tricks on how to get the most out of your photography.

21 Steps to Perfect Digital PhotosHi, Iím Wayne Turner,

I started my photographic journey over 40 years ago in the days of film. In 1999 I switched over to digital and wow did the photography world open up to me. Part two of my photo journey became really exciting. But, what I discovered was that people in the digital photography world started losing the skill of photography. You've got to believe it. The standards just started dropping off.

It was then I discovered that friends and family members were struggling to take decent photographs with their digital cameras. When I went out on photo shoots they asked to tag along along. Eventually this became a bunch of friends all wanting to learn how to take photos properly. I was able to give them the basics techniques and principles and within hours they were improving their photos. In actual fact they were taking fantastic photos.

Out these experiences 21 Steps to Perfect Photos was born. If it was so simple to dramatically improve a bunch of friends photos with just these simple steps then applying these same secrets to other people in an ebook should work just as well. Well, the rest is history. Read the testimonials of just some people above and you'll see just how effective the book is.

What I have been able to achieve has been exactly the same. Gently coaching readers through a mentoring process through the 21 steps in the book has brought dramatic photo success to many others.

You can now take the same journey to photo success through this ebook and dramatically improve your photography.

Let me ask you 3 questions.

1. Are you really serious about your photography?

2. Do you want to stop taking mediocre snapshots for the rest of your life?

3. Are you REALLY looking to improve your photos?

If you answered yes ...then, look no further.

In twenty years time will your friends marvel at your photos? Will they be laughing at the trees growing out of your kids heads or, wondering why thereís a door handle sticking out of your motherís ear? Will you be selling your photos?

Don't be willing to take that risk.


Learn Digital Photography Techniques

Here's a sample page to view the quality of the book

I have a risk free method for you to follow and I GUARANTEE that after following these 21 steps you will be able to:

Take perfect photos like a pro
Take amazing family portraits and photos.
Take photos that can win competitions
SELL your photos in a variety of markets.
Lay the foundation for a career in photography.

Why remain part of the mediocre crowd and continue taking below average photos?

Stop right where you are and take a look through your favourite magazines. Would any of your photos be good enough to be published? Why not? Because most of us have never been told the SECRET to great photos that professionals photographers use.


Learn Digital Photography Techniques

You CAN have fantastic looking photos in your albums and framed on your walls. Look no further. After only 21 STEPS your photos WILL look fantastic. I GUARANTEE it!

How can I make this guaranteE? Easy! If you follow these 21 steps over the next 3 weeks or more and apply all the simple principles and easy techniques then you WILL be taking amazing photos that make others take notice of you as a photographer.

This book will show you how to:

Take fantastic photos with any camera.
Use colour in an amazing way.
Take pin-sharp photos.
Take perfect exposures
Use light for amazing images
Make your subject the focus of your photo.
Take fantastic family shots.
Make your colours jump out at you.
Make those grey snow scenes white.
Use the rules to your advantage.


It will take only ONE lesson to get you moving from mediocre towards magnificent photos. The first lesson is all you need to see an instant improvement in your photos. And I mean just that. A few basic adjustments to your photo techniques will immediately make you a better photographer AND you will have fun doing it.

I use a really fun way of learning by getting out and taking photos of your favourite subjects at your favourite locations. Sound too good to be true? Let me emphasise one very important principle. The basis of all photography should be fun.

Sounds too good to be true doesnít it? If you don't believe me then...

That is the remarkable thing about outcomes based learning. You are coached to something new. You immediately apply what youíve learnt, and within a short time you have the outcome you desire. AMAZING images.

Learn Digital Photography TechniquesThis book is better than anything you will find out there in the marketplace?

When you order this book, you will immediately start taking photos. Isnít that what photography is all about? When learning to fly a plane, do you learn by cramming your head full of theory? NO WAY. You learn by doing. You have an instructor that coaches you through the process of learning to take the controls.

That is what you get with this book; a coach, a mentor and an instructor.

Right from the start you will take the controls. No theory to put into practise. That comes later. You take your camera, point it and starting shooting images.

Let me share a little secret.

Photography is about passion NOT perfection. Your passion will lead you to the perfect photo. BUT, trying to achieve perfection at the expense of passion will leave you frustrated and unfulfilled.

Photography should be fun, fulfilling and enjoyable.

I searched the internet for ebooks and courses that would take me from ordinary to outstanding photos step-by-step. There was nothing. Plenty of people telling me what to do, but, none guide me and hold my hand through the process.

It took me years to learn photography from a host of sources. Years later I discovered that my family and friends had the same problem. I started guiding them step-by-step to great images. We went on photo shoots together and out of these practical outings this book was born.

So whatís different about my book? You'd better believe it, A LOT!!!

This book takes you by the hand and leads you step-by-step to AMAZING photos using a simple, easy to understand, practical method.

Books and courses, I have bought them all. E-books and print books on photography from $100 to $1000. Always looking for the golden fleece that will help me learn practical photography in easy steps. Let me tell you that NONE have what you and I are looking for. Some do come close.

All of them fill your head with theory. Many are just a reflection of what and how much the author/photographer knows about photography. How good a photographer they are or I am is immaterial to your journey UNLESS we can somehow get your taking great shots like us.

All of us have an image in our minds of what photo we want to shoot. The shot that makes us happy. My wife likes doors, windows and old people with weathered faces full of character. Sheís not interested in boats, insects, flowers and landscapes. She wants to take the photos that excite her and not others. I love close up, macro and abstract and I get excited when I shoot what I am passionate about.

Many authors want to mould you in their way. The way that they think a good photographer should be. That is so WRONG!!! I don't want YOU to be ME. I want you to be yourself and take the shots that excite you.


This book is a step-by-step, practical, do-it-yourself guide to perfect photos. If you are looking for a book that is filled with theory, discussions on the merits of photography, intellectual arguments or pages full of how-to-do-it-my-way, then youíve come to the wrong book.

ď21 STEPS TO PERFECT PHOTOSĒ will gently coach you through the simple learning process of taking fantastic photographs that look like the professionals. There is no mystery, no special knowledge or secrets. just a simple process of becoming the photographer you dream about.

So hereís the bottom line. How does this book work? How is it going to make you the photographer that you have in your mindís eye. Thatís easy. The book is designed so that you make the choices.

Itís full of exciting assignments from

Itís basically one exciting assignment, designed by you and full of exciting photo opportunities chosen by you. It takes your passion and lets you fulfil your photographic dreams leading you on your personal photographic journey, not mine.

This book is all about you! Not about me. I donít want to make you into my clone. When you travel the road towards your goals and dreams, I wonít be there with you, so why should I be the one to tell you what to do and choose what you shoot?

What I am going to do is be there for you throughout the book. Iíll give you the assignments but youíll choose what to shoot. Most times I wonít give you any guidelines before you start shooting photos. Does that sound wrong?

NO Ė and a resounding NO at that. You go out and shoot your passions, your feelings and your dreams! Sounds weird doesnít? But itís the only way to learn.

We all want to capture the things that stir us from within. Family, friends, animals, birds and landscapes. The emotions and feelings of what we see. Why do some of us want to capture the bright reds or the cool blues? Large subjects or tiny insects? Dramatic landscapes or simple garden scenes?

I have no idea what subjects tickle your fancy and why you want to capture the things that you do. Itís not up to me to work that out. Nothing to do with me. Itís all about you. Does that make sense?

I will get you shooting the things you love. THEN when you have finished shooting and look at the results, Iíll be there to guide you. Iíll give you some tools to help you evaluate your work and move you along the road on your journey to great photos.

After each assignment youíll learn HOW to improve.

Learn to raise your ball game. Learn to take yourself to the next level. And, make you the photographer you want to be. I will be there guiding and coaching you step by step through the book. At the same time giving you tips, warnings and additional ideas sprinkled liberally in the sidebars throughout the book on every page.

Let me ask another question. Who wins the ballgame in football? The players or the coach? Who picks up the ball and runs with it? Itís up to the player to make the play and produce the results, not the coach.

You are getting your own personal COACH for 21 STEPS. Do you grasp what I am saying?

Are you willing to commit yourself fully to these 21 steps following the guidelines SET OUT by your own personal coach?

If you ARE, then please make a binding contract with yourself to become the BEST creative photographer you can and be prepared to shoot the images of your dreams.

In fact I am SO absolutely positive that your photos will improve dramatically that I am prepared to offer one of the BEST guarantees youíll ever see.

Learn Digital Photography Guarantee  Hereís the

Your satisfaction is assured through my no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact me within 56 days and I will refund 100% of your purchase price.

What I am saying is do not decide now if "21 Steps to Perfect Photos" is right for you.

Try it out for two full months - risk free.

If it does not help you overcome any stumbling blocks to becoming a better and more creative photographer. If it does not guide you step-by-step to fantastic photographs. If it doesn't take you by the hand and coach one step at a time. If it does not make it even easier to shoot great photos than you ever dreamed possible, then I do not want your money... I'll give it all back.

You have nothing to lose because regardless, the FREE bonuses are yours to keep just for giving it a try.

By closely following these 21 STEPS to perfect
photos you will improve your photography.

Start your journey to taking fantastic photos with immediate effect.

Let me take you through 21 steps to your photography success. Learn to shoot like a pro. This a step by step approach. You learn as you take photos.

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

Are my photos lacking the X-factor?
Do my photos look nothing like those in the books and magazines I read?
Could I never consider selling my photos?
Do my photos look dull and boring?

If you answered yes and you are serious ABOUT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY YOUíLL READ FURTHER.

Why should you buy this book?

I have been searching for the HOLY GRAIL of photography for years! AND I HAVE FOUND IT. THERE IS A HOLY GRAIL!  It is a step-by-step journey to amazing photos.

Others have said that there is no HOLY GRAIL and don't bother searching for the DA VINCI CODE of photography.

Why am I contradicting others? There is ONE little catch to the HOLY GRAIL! It cannot be found in one place. Too bad! The HOLY GRAIL can be found in part amongst the HUNDREDS of courses, books and tutorials on photography. As I have searched and searched I have accumulated a pile of books, courses and internet notes standing 6 feet high.

Learn Digital Photography TechniquesI have discovered that each of us has a part of the HOLY GRAIL within us. Together with all of these pieces of it scattered across the photography publishing world you can find it for yourself.

BUT, I have an easier way.


In five minutes you can be downloading 21 Steps to Perfect Photos and begin your journey to creative photography and perfection.

So when you order now, what do you get?


21 Steps to Perfect Photos - Learning Creative Photography in a Digital World. This book is worth $97 by itself but you will get it for the introductory price of not $97,  $47  but $39.97. NOW $29.97

I have paid from $47 right up to $1297 (I learnt the least from this one) for courses promising half of what I am going to show you in 21 Steps to Perfect Photos - Learning Creative Photography in a Digital World. For only $29.97.

I will HOLD this price till midnight on the 31 Dec 2012. After this it increases to $47.

Don't forget that there is no risk! You will have 56 risk free days to try out the course and if you are not satisfied with the quality I WILL give you a full refund.  That's 8 FULL WEEKS to test if what I am saying is the truth.

The book can be downloaded and viewed in pdf format on any computer running Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free at


You will get the following BONUSES:


This will help you set in concrete what you have learnt in 21 Steps to Perfect Photos. Use this as a reference once you've finished your course for the next 30 days. Follow these secrets and your creative photography journey will rise to new heights.

These keys have been distilled from my 30 YEARS as a photographer, one for every year. Use them and you won't need thirty years to shoot perfect photos.

This book alone is worth the $39.97 you'll pay for 21 Steps to Perfect Photos.


BONUS #2 - 21 Steps to Perfect Photos

Learn Digital Photography TipsI am going to upgrade the ebook to the The Creative Digital Photographer - AUDIO VERSION. If you don't have time to read The Creative Digital Photographer immediately after your purchase then download the audio version.

Download these MP3 files and burn them to CD or transfer them to your iPod for easy listening anywhere you please. You can take them with you on each assignment and listen to them on your MP3 player.

These MP3 files equate to 5 BONUS CDs when you burn them to CD. The whole set on its own is worth $97.

This bonus is an introductory offer. After 31 May 2010 I will be offering it ONLY as an upgrade to the e-book.


BONUS # 3 - Assignment Field Guide

Learn Digital Photography TechniquesBut that's not all you will receive. I have designed a special assignment field guide to take with you on assignment for use with the audio version on your iPod, MP3 or CD player. With 21 assignments to cover you'll have hours of fantastic, photographic, fun as you create perfect images out in the field.

This guide is worth a full $19.95 or more and is the perfect complement to 21 Steps to Perfect Photos - AUDIO VERSION.

Now I could offer you another dozen free bonuses which others have written to increase the value of this offer. BUT, this would adding information that won't take you any further on your photographic journey. These bonuses have been created specifically to complement 21 STEPS to Perfect Photos and coach you on your journey to perfect digital photographs.


Your camera has cost you a fair price and for only a fraction of the cost I will make it worth it's weight in gold as you allow me to gently coach you on your journey to creative photography success.

Get instant access now and order your copy of 21 Steps to Perfect Photos and the 3 BONUSES. You will not be sorry.

I can only hold these prices for a limited time so don't delay and be disappointed. Order your copy now.

Yours in photographic success,

Wayne Turner

P.S. Let me be your personal coach and start you on your journey to photo success like the pros.

P.P.S. Buy now and I will throw in thirty days free e-mail and telephone support at no extra cost so you get a live coach giving you advice. As soon as you have worked through the course contact me and your 30 days support will start. Call me or e-mail me anytime and if I am available I'll answer any of your questions.